If you saw me at DEFCON 30 or 31, you most likely seen me in my hard hat. If you see me at the next con, grab me and say hi! I'm happy to answer any questions about the hat!

The hat is using Kismet to scan the wifi environment and then the big "eyes" in the front react to what is happening by displaying a number of "emotion" animations. Here's a video walking through the original version


I love my crazy hard hat, but if you really want to audit some wifi it's not the most inconspicuous option. Beacuse of that, I built the Fruit Box with some parts I had around my workshop.

The Fruit Box runs a Raspberry Pi and a Wifi Pineapple with an embedded battery and additional 5ghz adapter. You can utlize basic controls on the Pi to start the wardriving app or SSH in to the box for full control.

SSH Application isn't just a website. It's also an SSH app. You must connect via SSH to see the info and play with the app!

You can find more information there as well as a way to psuedo-anonymously message Hydrox via the Mastodon bot.

> ssh -p 1337

Open an SSH session now!

Find Me

You can find me on Mastodon at @hydrox or @hydrox_fun_bot.

You can also find me in the on Discord Radio Frequency Hackers Discord on #wardriver. I'm also in the DEFCON, Hak5 and a few other random Discords as @thehydrox.